Dental Equipment

A multi-equipment contract from Dolby is excellent value, saving my practice both money and time. Dolby’s engineers are highly trained, understand all of our equipment, arrive on time and carry out all of our LDU servicing in one visit.

Dr. Fern Stewart, Glasgow Southside Ortho

When our air compressor went down Dolby provided a lifeline. We had an engineer on site the same day and once it was discovered that it wouldn’t be feasible to fix in-situ, he produced an air compressor from his van – as if by magic. The result was that we only had to re-schedule a few appointments as opposed to dozens whilst our equipment was being repaired.

Dr Ian Barbour, Barbour Dental Care

Having all our decontamination equipment under a Dolby Service contract has taken away the headache of coordinating different service contractors and remembering who to call to fix what. It’s also saved us a considerable amount of money each year and allows us to fix costs via one monthly payment. Our equipment is now properly maintained, compliant and if anything goes wrong, one call to Dolby Medical and an engineer is on the way.

Dr Clive Schmulian, Clyde Dental

Getting a washer disinfector from Dolby can bring real benefits to your practice. We find our dental nurses can now spend more time with patients and less time in the LDU – another surprise to us was the total cost per cycle, it’s a lot less than we originally thought.

Dr. Alan McClure from Partick Dental Practice